Camile Fontaine

Welcome (E Komo Mai) to the "More-is-More" world of Miss Fontaine; wine enthusiast and kinda-crazy cat lady! This former Southern Belle (Edisto Island, South Carolina) and international Bonne Vivant (attended parties in Europe) found her "Happy Place" on Kauai after years of surreptitious sketching, a rather eccentric up-bringing (artist parents), and a lively dabble in the fashion/interior arts!

She has a keen eye for the charming, silly or sweet and invites you to be swept up in the whirling wonderment of these islands many-faceted jewels with the brightest hues!

Amidst the lush garden setting and ever-changing kaleidoscope of sunny- day flowers, family and friends are the colorful impressions of Kauai-based artist Camile Fontaine. Delight in the evolution of her whimsical, painterly style- from bright dabs and brushstrokes to the brilliantly sophisticated color collages of hand-cut vinyl shapes; each piece consciously placed for maximum eye-appeal!

While rooms at the inn provide a wonderfully intimate setting for enjoying and
"living" with art, Miss Fontaine's original works are sold exclusively at the elegant Kukui'ula Shops in Poipu. Be sure to look for them at the Palms Gallery!

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