Camile Fontaine

High above the Honolulu hustle and bustle, Miss Fontaine sips a chilled glass of rose’ while drumming her pen to a faint jazz recording.
"Malia" she says with a sigh, "we have to write something interesting for the new "bio".
Malia, like most cats, doesn"t answer -and like most Persian cats, continues to snore peacefully on a fluffy pillow.
Ok.- what to keep from the old "bio"? Let's see...

BORN:  1969 Sarasota, Florida to a couple of Ringling art students
EDUCATION:  In the South, with all the attending eccentricities one might expect ...
ISLAND LIFE:  Yes, fully... and after 20 odd years or so can reasonably be imagined to have adopted some qualities of her host culture. Oh! - It"s time for my Hawaiian word of the day- ANUENUE (uh-nooey-nooey)-means "rainbow"... if you think about it, it’s really just a pretty bridge of light, illusion and color!

But first things first; dipping toes into the pool of creative writing AND building colorful bridges. AND painting. AND cutting up vinyl mosaic in my front window (to the puzzled amusement of my neighbors). So exhausting!

Sunset finds our Miss Fontaine near the harbor, where she is the most eager observer of all things "nautical". Her green eyes widen, committing to memory far more than a phone/camera will allow! One hand steadies the saucy, wide- brimmed hat against the ruffling trade winds as she is heard to muse, "La! The water is like silk- recording the calligraphy of characters, clouds and time- all framed by these impossibly perfect palm trees!"

Aloha and thank you for humoring my latest flights of fancy: my new "maritime obsession" ... "Waikiki joie de vivre" I believe it is already spilling out onto my parade of classic cottages and kitties , artsy wine- tasting among friends and flowers, flickering tiki torches (in full moon swirl), and the thoroughly romantic notion of stolen kisses on a tropical island!

Y'all are cordially invited to visit- again and again- the current state of "art imitating life" by a visit (on line or in person) to the Palms Gallery on Kauai's south shore or at the Garden Island Inn at Kalapaki Beach for the full effect of color, whimsy, and charm... and coming soon to a fabulous Canyon Road location in Sante Fe!

Oh! I also answer text messages, and some phone calls, but hardly any emails, so contact @ 808.855.0528


Camile Fontaine